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Breeding cage with window

2017-02-24 13:42 #0 by: Grodan

I found this picture when I browsed "free photos". And I think it´s an excellent idea, to make window in cages like this.

Photo: “Mice Experimentation” by Ryan Somma

What do you think?

2017-02-24 15:18 #1 by: Niklas

Fun idea. Can't mice eat their way out of plastic containers?

2017-02-24 18:51 #2 by: Stasen

Love the shelf, smart and looks good! The windows are nice to but are they open or are there something I can't see? I have steelweb on my "windows" but it does'nt look that good!

2017-02-24 19:01 #3 by: Niklas

The windows seem to be covered by transparent plastic that has been fastened with screws in four corners.

2017-02-24 19:25 #4 by: Stasen

# A now I see the screws! I didn't look in the corners of the cage, just around the window. What do you think are the best tool to cut in the cage for that shape? My experience are that it easy crack when I cut in the box..

2017-02-24 21:04 #5 by: Niklas

My guess is that they used some kind of saw. Maybe a Dremel.

2017-02-24 23:54 #6 by: Grodan

#1 Yes, mice can chew their way out of soft plastic boxes, but breeding cages are made of hard material, often plastic called Macrolon. Most of them are also transparent, and are orginally made for laboratory. The Macrolon cages have stainless steal lid and are not that cheap, but if you handle them careful they can last 25 years or more.

The cages are also solid/smooth (seamless) on the inside so mice don´t have anything to chew on. Other plastic boxes, for storage for instance, are selten solid/smooth on the inside and mice can find things to start chewing on... and in time they will chew their way out. although it is common to build cages from cheap "storage boxes"...

2017-02-25 08:05 #7 by: Niklas

Aha, thanks!


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