Welcome to Mouse-Savvity

Mouse-community started February 8, 2017.

Mouse-savvity is a community for mouse owners and lovers. Here we can share experience, knowledge, pictures, movies, good things and bad things with other mouse lovers all around the world. 

Mouse-savvity is just a litte piece of a big network. In this network all sorts of communitys are held. As a member on savvity, you can walk from one site about rats to another about The Sims and then to this site. 

Savvity is new, February 2017, but the developers behind it has experience in this network since 2006. Ifokus is the Swedish network built in exactly the same way and holding many sites. 

Savvity will grow to a big network covering all sorts of interest and hobbies. Be a part of it!

How to become a member? 

Click on Join

Anything else you need to know you can find in Support-savvity or you can ask in the forum or send a private message to the staff on Mouse.