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What requirements should be set on a mousebreeder?

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When you, as a mousebuyer, have requirements on the breeder you buy from, you give the mice a higher status in the long run.

Requirements means that you don't buy mice from just anyone but that you make sure that the breeder fullfills the requirements that you have. You have the right to have requirements.

As a mouse buyer it is important that you have requirements on the breeder you chose to buy from. Otherwise you might as well buy mice from the petstore or a breedingmill. You have the right to pick a breeder that fullfills your requirements and by doing that you contribute to give mice a higher status.

So what requirements are reasonable? 

In what way do you think a breeder should be breeding? What are your desires when it comes to the mice temperament, pedigree, health-history in the pedigree etc? Here are some usefull hints:

Check pedigrees 

The fact that a mouse has a pedigree doesn't actually say much, so check the pedigree out and ask about the animals in it. What lifespan did they have? What kind of temper does the line has? What deseases are there among their relatives? Has the mice been healthy? Has there been a lot of rattle, chewing on whiskers, tumors etc? What did the relatives weigh?

Don't settle with a pedigree of unknown mice, be active and ask questions. A good breeder is happy to answer your questions, knows the answers and can tell you about the animals in the family. 

What kind of breeding?

The second thing you should ask yourself is what kind of breeding you want to Support.

Do you think it's ok that a breeder breeds mice as pets and as food for other animals? If not that is something you should check before picking your breeder. How many mice do you think it's reasonable for a breeder to have? How many litters per year do you think a breeder can take and still have enough time for each individual to make sure they are activated, loved and socialised? There are no right and wrong answers on the above questions, instead it is about what you as a buyer think it right and wrong.

Purpose of the litter?

It's good to ask why the breeder chose to take this litter, what was it with the parents that was so great that they chose to breed on them. Was it just about looks or were there more thoughts behind the litter?


How are the mice being taken care of? Ask about food, cages, stimulation and other things you find important. Try to visit your breeder if possible och meet your new familymembers before buying them.

Text: Camihlle Eringsmark

Photo: Grodan


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