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Bitten male. Ouch.

2018-04-13 08:06 #0 by: autumn&spring

One of my young males all of a sudden attacked one of the other males. Ouch. He got his own cage now and so does the bitten male and the third male too. They are soo small. I thought they could live together for a couple of months. They usually can do that. The aggressive male is very nasty tried to bite me too....
I'm thinking of taking the aggressive male to the vet 😑 I rarely see this behaviour.
The bitten male Stuart he is eating well. He been drinking water too. He is so sweet cuddly and very beautiful white with pink eyes. I hope he will survive. There are good chances of it.

2018-04-14 06:39 #1 by: autumn&spring

He looks okay. Several nasty bites on his lower back however. His brothers new name is Tiiny the terrible. I hope I can tame him.


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