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What colour does this mouse have?

2017-03-09 21:50 #0 by: Zamwyn

is the second mouse on the left? (pic from the welcome post on the front page) Some sort of blue/lilac silver agouti?

I guess I could've asked you in a pm Grodan, but ya know, I figured maybe someone else is curious too. Cool

2017-03-11 18:01 #1 by: Grodan

He was actually Color Point Blue Agouti... Very hard to see when he was young, I had to ask the owner later when he had grown up - he moved to Poland.

2017-03-13 07:35 #2 by: Zamwyn

Interesting! I had a blue agouti burmese whom looked almost exactly like that as a baby. Later on the beige tone all but disappeared and he got a much clearer blue tint to him (as well as more pronounced points, needless to say). I suspect a blue agouti colourpoint probably develops somewhat similar.

I find the blue agouti varieties more interesting than the non agouti blues for the most part. This is a good example as to why. Slightly warmer shade to them, which somehow makes a variety more "lively" for lack of a better term.

2017-03-13 18:25 #3 by: Grodan

#2 Have to be sure we are talking about the same mouse (yeah you said second to the left, but... hm... I´m not always sure what ppl mean)

2017-03-13 19:01 #4 by: Zamwyn

Should've said second from the left  But yeah,  that's the one.

And I only just now realized I titled this post pretty badly.  Oh well, I was sleepy. Subject should be fairly clear though. Tongue

2017-03-13 21:39 #5 by: Grodan

#4 Great. This is the only questionable mouse in the picture, but wanted to be sure we were talking about the same mouse.

(Well, no, you didn´t, but we need search engines to find us so I it´s good if "mouse" is in the title of all post´s.)

2017-03-14 07:09 #6 by: Zamwyn

Mouse could still be in there, but it should've been what colour does this mouse have in that case.

But no matter, birds will still fly, trees will still grow, it's all good. lol

2017-03-14 13:06 #7 by: Grodan

#6 Fixed. 


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