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Things to do for your mouse with toilet rolls

2017-03-01 14:30 #0 by: Grodan

Empty toilet rolls - I never ever throw them away! They are excellent toys and enrichment for mice.

I do pyramids with 6 toilet rolls, hanging tubes, sock tubes and more.  

More ideas and tip?

2017-03-02 15:51 #1 by: Stasen

I tie steelwire to sticks like a hangmat and toiletrolls under or over for climbing. They are the best toys! =)

2017-03-02 17:00 #2 by: Grodan

#1 Picture or illustration, please! Winking

2017-03-03 19:34 #3 by: vendelay

Adorable picture! In love

What do you use to keep the rolls together?

2017-03-03 19:59 #4 by: Stasen

#2 Damn i hoped you wouldn't say that Laughing I will take a picture on it next time I build one, promise!

#3 I think she uses staples Thumbs up

2017-03-03 20:03 #5 by: Grodan

#3 I use string, wire, sometimes glue... this time I used stamples, as Stasen mentioned in #4

#4 Next time? Hey, make an illustration

2017-03-06 12:32 #6 by: Stasen

I have a nice string made of coconutfibre, found it in a flowershop, it's a little bit tricky to tie with but instead it's great for the mice to chew on and looks good to.

#Yeees... Okay I'll try Silly

2017-03-07 11:29 #7 by: Stasen

I'm not an artist, at all Laughing out loud
This is one thing I sometimes build, the bridge is sticks from outside I glue or tie together. Underneath I attach toilet paper rolls, maybe not so many as on the pic but again, not an artist haha!

2017-03-07 12:39 #8 by: Grodan

#7 Ah. Doesn´t matter if you´re an artist or not, now we understand this idea. It´s cool.

2017-03-15 23:52 #9 by: Grodan

A little movie with some ideas what you can do.


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