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Stuff in cage

2017-02-21 21:34 #0 by: Stasen

What do you decorate the cages with for the mouse?

I usually find most of my mousey things on second hand shops. My favourite is teapots! My mice love to nest in it and if it's porcelain or glass you can easily keep it clean and fresh.

Other favourites I use to find in second hand shops are ornamentals they can climb around and hide in, porcelain lanterns are also popular among my little ones.

I live near the forest so I often bring in sticks and build toys from the nature. There's easy to build ladders, bridges and even houses, safe to chew on.

Do you have any tips of enrichment for the cage?

Just take off the lid and you have a nice nest

2017-02-21 22:04 #1 by: Grodan

I´m the same. I give my mice used stuff, old childrens toys and so on. 

But I prefer to have paper stuff so I can just trough it all away when I clean and give new. 

In all cages they have hammocks, branches, pieces of wood, toilet rolls, egg cartons and shredded paper.

I have a rest area or a large cage/aquarium/terrarium where I have wood furnishing. This is not a place were any mouse live, they all can run around here. At the moment it´s under construction - the old terrarium broke and I had to fix it

2017-02-22 15:47 #2 by: Stasen

#1 Yes it's important to have things that are easy to clean or doesn't hurt the wallet when you need to throw it in the garbage.

Fun with that area! Mice are not that hard to set up enrichment for and you can vary it forever. I love it!

Do you have fabric nests or so in your cages?  I find it hard to wash of the peesmell and it became nasty real quick. Wondered how you do =)

2017-02-22 17:20 #3 by: Grodan

I only have fabric that are expendable. I buy sheep fleece blankets and cut into hammocks. I fold them so they are double and the mice can make a nest between the fabrics. 

I can also make tub-socks... toilet roll and sock - or a fleece tube 

2017-02-22 21:58 #4 by: Stasen

Cozy! I actually have my own washingmachine now so I could buy some left over pieces at my local yarn and fabric store.  Easier to wash it and doesn't smell bad while waiting for time in the laundryroom. 

Today my biggest very clumsy dog crashed some flower pots, happy rodents at now with new hidinplaces =P

2017-02-23 03:00 #5 by: Grodan

I never wash my cheep homemade fabric stuff for the mice. I just throw them away and make new ones. Maybe "oups", but I don´t wanna wash to much of my animal stuff... hair and stuff will come on my clothes or be stuffed in the washing machine

2017-02-23 21:06 #6 by: Stasen

#5 Haha I see, with 5 dogs and 4 cats there's always hair and clogged in our machine so I do a super clean of it every third day approximatly. Then I can do a mouse clean to haha Laughing

2017-02-23 22:31 #7 by: Grodan

#6 I think there is always some hair and stuff left in the machine, even if I clean it. Or I don´t have cleaning-wash-machine-skills...?

2017-02-24 18:47 #8 by: Stasen

#7 I use strong paper and vinegar, it loosen up the hair and releases so much from the drum, its perfect! After I rubbed the drum clean I pour some vinegar instead of detergent and that way you also have clean pipes. Thumbs up

2017-02-24 19:41 #9 by: Grodan

#8 Great tip, thanx!Laughing

2017-02-25 12:18 #10 by: Stasen

#9 When you have furry friends you need to help each other haha. I bought an aircleaner yesterday with hepafilter, I'm always so afraid for bad smell and OMG how clean the air became but.. My eyes are tearing and if my eyes react what shouldnt my small animals feel Sad


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