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What color do you like most

2017-02-19 17:42 #0 by: Grodan

Vote for the best color on mice!

If it´s not here, put it up! Or check if it´s already up but with a different name.

2017-02-19 22:22 #1 by: Nordanälvens

Cinnamon is my favorite color for sure! However I do prefer them in Hereford, Blazed Berkshire and Headspotted Berkshire. I'm a total sucker for marked varietesHeart

2017-02-20 09:41 #2 by: Zamwyn

#1 Couldn't agree more about marked varieties. Berkshire especially, because I still want lots of gorgeous colour on the mouse. and I feel with them I get the best of two worlds. I like bandeds too, but not nearly as much as berkshires.

2017-02-20 14:12 #3 by: Grodan

I love Lilac Argente, Siamese Seal Point and Siamese Blue Point.

But I kinda like all mice...

2017-02-20 19:08 #4 by: Zamwyn

#3 Very true, most have their own charm. In terms of eye candy I'm not at all fussy. Much more picky when it comes to what I want to focus on breeding-wise.

2017-02-20 19:15 #5 by: Grodan

#4 As a Standard judge I just loooooove when a mouse is so near in color, type and condition to perfectly match the written Standard... 

2017-04-10 20:15 #6 by: Grodan


2017-04-21 03:15 #7 by: Emo

I couldn't vote. I know to little. Will see if I can learn more. Laughing

My website: American version
Min hemsida: Svensk version

2017-04-27 14:22 #8 by: Grodan

#7 I understand. 

Mice can have so many different colors, so even if you have knowledge about them it can be hard to choose...

I think so many colors are beautiful. 

2018-02-04 10:29 #9 by: autumn&spring

I like all mice no matter the colour. Just like humans colour do not matter on us either.
It's fun though when breeding mice to see all the colour variation on the babies.

2 of my females are expecting babies 2 weeks left. Very curiuos a seeing the results. 😍


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