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2017-02-09 22:00 #0 by: Grodan

When you are active on the site and also the whole network savvity, you will get rewarded. You get Achivements. 

There is 60 Achivements for different things you do on savvity.

To find them all and to see how many and which you´ve got:

  1. Go to your profile (click on your avatar up in the right corner)
  2. In the left horisontal meny under "Profile" you´ll find the number of Achivements you´ve catched
  3. Click on that link and you´ll find them all
  4. Click on each Achivement to find out when and why you´ve got em
2017-02-13 19:57 #1 by: Taggeman

One of them  iFokus är bäst ! I hop its works.Waving

2017-02-13 20:12 #2 by: Grodan

iFokus är bäst!

(yeah! it did!)

2017-02-13 20:19 #3 by: Taggeman

Thumbs up Laughing

2017-02-13 20:20 #4 by: Grodan

A bit stupid... but it might change later

2017-02-13 23:03 #5 by: Taggeman


2017-02-16 15:55 #6 by: Grodan


2017-02-18 13:59 #7 by: Emo

iFokus är bäst!

Now I try it. It didn't work.

Savvity is the best

No, maybe it isn't. Winking

My website: American version
Min hemsida: Svensk version

2017-02-18 20:40 #8 by: Grodan

#7 It worked a couple of days ago. Did Savvity is the best work today?

2017-02-19 16:06 #9 by: Taggeman

Some of the achievements is not working yet.
The Nomad,The Pirate,The Suporter, The MailMan,The Respondent
And some more, maybe later they works.
Have a X over not working  achievements.

2017-02-19 16:10 #10 by: Grodan

So, we have 55 working achievements?

I would like to think that when the net-team work with these, maybe they also can make some new ones... *in my dreams*

2017-02-19 16:15 #11 by: Taggeman

#10 I think so! But some of them can take long time before they works.

2017-02-19 16:26 #12 by: Grodan

in ifokus I have 56 achievements

2017-02-19 16:31 #13 by: Taggeman

Nice! But some of them don't work today.

2017-02-19 16:32 #14 by: Grodan

Yeah, I know, That´s why we need some new ones...

2017-02-22 17:45 #15 by: Grodan

I´ve got 39 achievements

2017-02-23 03:07 #16 by: Grodan

Looking for the Rooster... but... hm


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