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Your first mouse

2017-02-08 20:15 #0 by: Grodan

The first mouse is a very special one. In your heart forever. 

Let us know about your first mouse.

2017-02-08 20:16 #1 by: Grodan

My first mouse was an Albino female named Athena. It was in the year 1983. She was a litterary "pocket mouse". A friend had her in her pocket. Picked her up and asked me if I wanted her. Of course I did. She was so cute and tame. So very gentle and nice. I had her in a small cage and out on my bed every evening. When she was 1½ year of age she had a tumour and had to be put to sleep.

Unfortunatly I don´t have any picture of Athena.

2017-02-08 20:40 #2 by: Stasen

I got my first 2 mices for about 6 years ago. It quickly escalated from that, you can't stop just there! Those two lovely little creatures opened up a whole new world to me, new friends and knowledge about the tons of love a little body really can contain.

2018-02-04 19:05 #3 by: autumn&spring

I bought my first two mice 34 years ago. Black and white. Had them in a home made cage i did out of wood with a glass front.
Very sweet lovely ladies. I have no picture of them as I could not afford to buy a camera back then. They became about 1 1/2 year old both if them and died of what seemed like old age.
I had many mice after them. But the first ones are those that I got the most vivid memory off. They made such a great impression on me that I wanted to take care of many more mice. My little princesses 😍

2018-02-20 20:40 #4 by: Grodan

#3 haha, I had to use the Kalculator to figure out it was year 1984. So one year after I had my first mouse. Cool!


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