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Rules And Etiquette

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We have Writing Policy, rules about posting and advertising. Besides these also netiquette.

Writing Policy

These rules apply throughout Savvity network. The first two required under law.

It is not allowed to:

  • Violating laws and regulations.
  • Copying copyrighted material.
  • Writing messages in advertising or promoting products / services without the consent of the host of the site.
  • Writing posts that reveals or suggests another user's real identity. *
  • Engage in personal attacks.
  • Using profanity or other offensive language.
  • Writing messages with content of a discriminatory nature.


You agree that Savvity publish the material you contribute. The site also reserves the right to edit the content.

Rules about Posting and Advertising

Threads and posts that violate the rules will be removed.

It is not allowed to

  • Advertise mice given away for free or being killed if no one buys them.
  • Discuss killing methods - teaching how mice are killed.
  • Publish posts / threads with direct advertising or other materials that may be perceived as spam. It is not allowed to start threads for recruiting members of the competing mouse-related forums / associations or groupings.
  • Link to pages that require a login / membership. (Links to facebook is not allowed, sorry!)


It is allowed to

  • Advertise mice for sale, however, it´s good if prices are found in the ad (minimum price is 5 EUR for a mouse!), were in the world the mice/mouse is found, date of birth, pedigree and other means of contact to the seller than through pm here on mouse-savvity.

  • Link to photos, files and videos that contain sensitive material. However, it must be cautioned that the link is not for sensitive people and possibly not persons under 16 years. Photos, videos or files on the dead, autopsied / dissected mice shall be marked with [X] in the title 

  • Discuss the diseased mice and action, referring to the veterinarian, a retelling of vet visits etc.

  • Upload pictures of your mice. It´s best to upload images directly from your computer to Savvity instead of copying them from other pages on the web.


Netiquette are no rules. It is only a guide how to behave on forums / communities on the Internet.

Keep in mind that:

  • Always read your posts again before you hit the "Publish Post". Then you discover probably if you have written wrong and can correct it.
  • Assume that everything you read is written in good faith.
  • Do not respond to messages that violate the site's writing rules, by violating the writing rules.
  • Show respect and be courteous to other members of Savvity.
  • Respect other opinions even if they differ from your own.
  • The writing of the sites on Savvity normally can be seen by anyone who has access to the Internet.

* How should this rule be interpreted?

After some discussion, it decided that it should be interpreted literally. This means that it is not permitted to disclose or suggest another member's identity even if the member has done it in any other place on the Network.

The aim is that the members themselves can choose when and where they leave out their identity.

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