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Is a mouse the right pet for you?

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Mice does not require much space and not a large cage. The cost of food and base materials are not great when compared to a rabbit, cat or dog.

But even if the mouse is a small animal, it is a social animal that require their time every day. And not everyone has the time to take care of a pet.

And even if a little mouse costs less than a cat or dog, it needs the attention and remains on custody. In order to consider that it is easier to ignore / forget a small animal sitting in a cage than a cat or dog that otherwise can ask for attention.

Some things to consider when you want to obtain mice.


  • cheap to breed and easy to carry
  • they show affection and are soft and sweet
  • do not take much space
  • interesting to study and look at


  • has a special smell
  • need daily supervision
  • extremely prolific
  • short life

Mice have a special scent that you should be aware of. Males usually smells more than females. But this is nothing that you can not keep under control. You may only adjust the amount of time you have between the cage is cleaned. And that you do not forget to clean the interior and toys while you change the base material.

Mice are extremely fruitful, and can fast become "to many" from two animals. Therefore, we don´t keep males and females together.

These little animals has a short lifespan. And it's hard to lose a small dear friend that you have known. But even if it's hard, it's nothing compared to the joy they give up until the day.

Before acquiring a mouse you should ask yourselves a few questions:

  1. Why do you want a mouse? 
    Is it a pet, you will get involved with and interact with throughout the animal's life or the animal is only fun for a week or two, then forget it.
  2. Do you have time each day for your mouse? 
    Do you have time to not only provide food and water, but also socialize with your mouse. Take it out of the cage and let it be with you for a while each day?
  3. Can you give your mouse proper care? 
    Although it is a small animal that requires proper care to stay healthy and live long.

Do you still feel that a mouse is the right pet for you. So before you acquire it, find as much information as you can about the little animal's care. What kind of food it require, how to see if the animal is healthy and how to do if the animal becomes ill. Then you are well prepared before and will have fun with your pet.

Text: Anette Svensson

Photo: Grodan


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