2017-02-08 20:24 #0 by: Grodan

This a new mouse community, open for everyone!

Nice to see that you found Mouse-savvity. Feel free to join!

This community is brand new and just started to exist. It will take some time to build everything. So please be patient! 

With your help we can make a lot happen. 

Do you have written any article about mice, or would like to write some?  Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to contact me.

My plan is to unite mouse-lovers from all over the world . I do already host a mouse community in Swedish.  And now it´s really time to "go global".

I belive this is a very good plattform for knowledge and long friendship. It´s easy to manage, easy to search and find.

We have different laws and different ways to manage our mice. Also there are different names for colors and markings out there. As views on how to deal with health, care, feeding, breeding and so on.

I hope all members can have little patience with how different countries handle and keep their mice. 

Hope you enjoy and find Mouse-savvity to be a nice community.
Best regards from your Host Grodan Heart

Very Welcome to join us!